Visualised: How Australia's attitude to property shifted over COVID-19

UPDATED: The visualisation below has been updated to incorporate the 5th wave of the survey conducted in September. As Australia slowly emerges out of COVID-19, the most noticeable shift in the data between July and September has been an uptick in respondents who believe it is now a better time to sell.

The COVID-19 health and economic crisis has fundamentally shifted Australia’s perception of property. This shift is nuanced, constantly-changing and has significant implications for buyers, sellers, investors and renters.

At REA Group we surveyed more than 5,000 visitors to between May 6 and July 12 to understand their attitudes towards buying, selling and the broader economy. We also conducted the survey in four distinct waves to understand how these perceptions changed as COVID-19 wore on.

Respondents were sourced from different site sections (e.g. Buy, Rent, Sold) and represent different age groups and different states. Below you can move through our interactive to see the results or dive into chief economist Nerida Conisbee’s analysis of the findings.